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Answers to frequently asked questions
What is included in the basic package?
8 powder hoppers, 3 peristaltic pumps for syrups, glass dispensing unit, proximity sensor, submersible water pump, uninterruptible power supply.
Additional information: bill collector, acquiring terminal, online telemetry, cooler. For more information on current promotions and special offers, please e-mail
How quickly will the machine pay for itself?
For SHAKER Touch from 5 to 12 months usually. Much depends on the traffic at the point of sale and the product. You can calculate the payback using the payback tablet for SHAKER Touch, for SHAKER S

I have a fitness bar, why do I need a vending machine?
For the smooth operation of the fitness bar in the 24/7 mode, at least 3 employees are needed who will be sick, late, on vacation, etc. The machine will be able to take over the morning, evening and night traffic, will unload the bar, will save customers time.
The bar can successfully sell food, coffee, smoothies, and the vending machine will make cocktails and drinks very quickly. We have a successful experience with vending machines at the same time as the bar. Classic fitness bar services are used only by 3% of customers, we have 3-4 times higher.
Are there certificates for vending machines?
Our machines have been successfully tested in a European accredited laboratory and meet CE and RoHS standards.
What's the lifetime of the machine?
Estimated service life of the machine is 10 years. Our first automatic rifles are 3 years old and they are still successfully used today. Starting from 2018 all parts in contact with moisture are made of stainless or galvanized steel.
How many years have you been on the market?
Developments have been underway since 2014. The company was officially registered in December 2017. The first sales were opened in the 3rd quarter of 2018.
How many flavors, drinks in the vending machine?
Total for today in SHAKER Touch, M - 11 flavors (8 from powders, 3 from syrups), in SHAKER S - 7 flavors (4 from powders, 3 from syrups).
How much power does it use?
SHAKER Touch consumes - 60W, S, M - 30W in standby mode. In cooking mode - SHAKER Touch consumes - 160 W, S, M - 130 W.
What if the machine breaks down?
The main thing is not to worry, we value our reputation and will always solve any breakage and problem, no matter what it costs us. Read the instructions, try to solve the problem yourself according to the instructions. If you can't solve the problem, call the nearest service center. Our technical specialist will perform the diagnostics online. If any part fails (no matter whose fault it is) we will send it to you within 24 hours. You will send us the broken part, after carrying out the diagnostics we will find out the reason and invoice if the case is not guaranteed. It is also possible to send a specialist
Can the machine be set up remotely?
Yes. Thanks to the online telemetry service you can set prices, recipes, washing time, etc. We are constantly improving it and expanding its functionality.
How do I connect the machine to the Internet?
The machine has the possibility of cable connection to the RJ-45 port, there is a Wi-Fi module and a 3G/4g modem with a SIM card port.
How much does an online telemetry service cost?
The first year service is absolutely free for you. Further the basic functionality will be free, and additional features for a fee (connection with the mobile application, service for automatic launch of advertising campaigns, etc.).
How often should I do Maintenance and where?
If the machine is regularly serviced according to the instructions (approximately every 3 days) and the machine is cleaned once a month according to the regulations (available in the instructions for the machine), the machine will not need maintenance during the first 2 years of operation. We have tried to provide the maximum safety margin wherever possible. You can send the dispenser to us for production or to the nearest service centre (see map).
Will the acquiring terminal be factory installed?
Each country uses different terminals, so it is not possible to install them in the factory. But our machines work according to the standard MDB protocol, so most terminals will work.
Is it worth putting a bill of exchange or a coin-operated receiver?
In 2020, there's no point anymore. 95% of payments in our machines are made by cashless method. In addition, without the banknote receiver you can set any cost of drinks without being tied to the multiplicity of banknotes. Also, you will not need to collect the vending machine.
Does the machine support payment for bracelets?
Yes, we made integration with various fitness club management programs (Perfect Gym, ClubIS, 1S fitness). If you have a "self-written" system or another, we are ready to do the integration
Which acquiring terminal to install?
Each country uses its own terminals. But there are devices and services that work almost everywhere. For example, Nayax. These terminals work perfectly with our machines.
Which products can be used in machines?
You can use any sport nutrition product in powder and syrup (concentrate) form. But you must take into account that each product has its own characteristics. For example: some BCAA do not mix well with water, and no mixer can mix this product.
Is there a link to the product? Does SHAKER alone buy sports nutrition products?
No, we don't oblige anyone to buy sports food from us. We only give people the opportunity to buy top brands at a special price, because we cooperate with manufacturers.
Where do you buy consumables?
You can buy from us at a special price, you can buy from your suppliers.
Does the machine make drinks on milk or on water?
On the water. But you can put milk powder in one of the containers. In this case, milk will be poured first and then a protein shake. We have practically stopped preparing drinks on milk, because it is extra sugar, there are people with lactose intolerance. And the most important thing is that the most powerful mixers (16 thousand rpm) whip the drink so well that the consistency turns out as if it were a drink on milk.
How many cans of water can be placed in the dispenser?
4 pc
Is it possible to connect the machine in a water pipe?
Yes, when ordering, please let me know if you need a water connection module. The filtration system can be installed in the machine or up to the machine.
How much full load does it take?
8 hoppers of 2 kg of powder + 3 syrups of 100 servings. At a standard dosage of powder 32 gr per drink 62,5 portions are obtained * 8 hoppers = 500 drinks from powders. + 300 portions of syrup. Total full load = 800 pcs.
How often should the machine be serviced?
Depending on the sales, but at least once every three days.
How is the machine maintained? How difficult is it?
Maintenance of the machine should not take more than 15 minutes. There are detailed video and printed instructions for servicing the machine. We recommend that you purchase replaceable mixer sets to speed up the maintenance process. Anyone can handle this task, there is nothing complicated about it. Of course, you need some experience and skill.
How do mixers wash? Is there an auto flushing system?
Thanks to a special blending system, the mixers remain clean after each preparation of the drink. During preparation, a thick cocktail is first poured and then diluted with water, while the mixer and tubes are rinsed. An automatic rinsing system is also available. You can set up automatic rinsing several times a day.
Are the machines safe?
The machines are completely safe. There are certificates for every part that comes into contact with products. Plastic parts do not emit any harmful substances, the tubes are made of special food silicone.
Is it possible to adjust the recipe?
Yes, through the configurator you can set the amount of water in ml, the amount of powder, the twist time of the mixer. We make presettings in advance, if you tell us in advance the filling of your machine.
Are there instructions, video clips?
The buyer receives detailed instructions as well as access to video instructions. If for some reason this is not enough, you can contact technical support via video link.
Is it possible to have an installation supervisor?
Yes, of course. We have a lot of specialists all over the country who will help us launch the machine. It's a paid service, check out the cost.
Can you take the vending machines for service?
Yeah, we're ready to take over the maintenance of the machine on a regular basis. Our specialist will replenish the consumables, maintain the technical condition of the vending machine, and you will focus on business.
How do you change your tastes?
You tell us about the taste change, and we change the taste within 24 hours. We are now working on a large database of tastes, brands and recipes so that you can choose the right product for yourself. At the same time, all the recipes will be adjusted automatically. This is a big job, which we will finish by the end of August.
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