A full range of beverages and full automation ensure your customers receive the highest level of service 24/7

SHAKER Touch is the world’s most innovative protein machine. Maximum automation, great autonomy and high reliability are all combined in this machine.

Shaker Touch will be the center of attention in your club. Endless problems with fitness bars are a thing of the past. This machine has everything needed to meet 80% of the demands of the club’s customers.

32-inch touch screen

8 containers of 2 kg for powders (Maximum load -16 kg., ~ 500 large portions)

6 additional flavors of syrup-based drinks (Product Range Expansion: BCAA, L-carnitine,Amino, Guarana/Energy and vitaminized water)

QR/barcode and promo code scanner

Automatic delivery of glasses

Acceptance of cashless payments

Online telemetry for remote tuning and control of sales and remains

Advertising module

Width (cm)
Length (cm)
Height (cm)
Weight (net)(kg)
Supply (V)
Standby power consumption (W)
Electricity consumption in cooking mode (W)
Presentation Shaker Touch EN
4.1 MB
Declaration CE
568.54 KB
185.44 KB
Module for syrups
3 pumps included + 3 pumps can be ordered additionally
Water connection module
QR Code / Barcode Reader
Replacement mixer set
purchased additionally

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      What is the price?
      The price depends on the equipment of the machine.
      What is the service term of the machine?
      Calculated machine service life– 10 years.
      Is the online telemetry service paid?
      All features of the service are free for the first three months. In addition, basic functions (sales and inventory management, assortment management) remain free, while advanced functions (promotion and
      advertising management) cost 1000 rubles per month.
      How much power does it use?
      SHAKER Touch consumes 150 W/h.
      I have a fitness bar, why do I need a vending machine?
      A minimum of 3 employees are required to keep a fitness bar running smoothly 24/7 due to illness, late arrivals, vacations, etc.
      Machines can take over morning, evening and night traffic, unloading bars and saving customers time.
      Bars can sell food, coffee, and smoothies just fine, and vending machines make cocktails and drinks very quickly.
      There is also a successful experience with a vending machine at the same time as a bar. Classic fitness bar services are used only
      by 3% of customers, we have 3-4 times higher.
      How quickly will the machine pay for itself?
      The return on investment for the SHAKER Touch is 6-18 months, depending on many parameters.
      What is included in the basic package?
      8 powder hoppers, 3 peristaltic pumps for syrups, glass dispensing unit, proximity sensor, submersible water pump, uninterruptible power supply.
      Additional information: bill collector, acquiring terminal, online telemetry, cooler. For more information on current promotions and special offers, please e-mail
      How long does a full load last?
      Shaker touch is full of 500 servings + 300 to 600 syrup drinks.
      Where do you buy consumables?
      You can buy from us at a special price or buy from our suppliers.
      Is there a product binding? Buy sports food only in SHAKER?
      No, you are under no obligation to purchase sports nutrition from us. Because we partner with manufacturers, we offer you the opportunity to buy only top brands at special prices.
      Does the machine support payment for bracelets?
      Yes, we have integrated with various fitness club management programs. If you have a "homebrew" system or another system, we are ready to do the integration.
      Will the acquiring terminal be factory installed?
      Terminals can be pre-configured during production. However, it can not be installed immediately on the machine as it may be damaged during transportation. Installs very easily within 5 minutes.

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