Guests from the Kingdom of Bahrain

15 October 2021

In early September, guests from the Kingdom of Bahrain came to us.🌞
Geographical and historical information: Bahrain is a country in Southwest Asia, on the eponymous archipelago in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Bahrain became an independent state in 1971. The archipelago includes 33 islands of various sizes (the largest is Bahrain, reaching 55 km in length and 18 km in width). The total area of the archipelago is 765 km². Population – 1.3 million people.
The main purpose of the visit of foreign guests was the signing of an Agreement for the Official Exclusive Distributorship for the sale of Shaker Technology products in the following territories:

Guests from South-West Asia had been in Russia for the first time. In addition to working moments, we introduced our partners the beauties of our city and the Ural region. With pleasure and even amazement, they visited such places as the Boris Yeltsin Museum, Vysotsky business center, Talkov Kamen nature reserve, tried national Russian cuisine and even went to a real Russian bathhouse. The rich Ural nature left the brightest feeling in the souls of Bahraini, because at home they are surrounded only by the desert and the sea without trees, bushes or even blades of grass.
Guests underwent detailed training in our production, having meticulously familiarized themselves with all the stages of creating protein machines. Thus, we have acquired a new, strong and erudite companion in Asia.💪🤝🏻
Shaker Technology sincerely wishes new distributors success in their undertakings, high profits and grateful customers. In turn, we, as manufacturers, commit to make this collaboration as comfortable and effective as possible.
As a result of negotiations, Shaker Technology has already launched a line of machines adapted to Asian needs. Bahrain, welcome to our team.🙌🏽