We made a snack machine

12 June 2021

We had to make a snack machine…
why did we have to?

Because we have not found anyone to do a “collaboration” with, as it is now fashionable to say 😉
From the very beginning of our project, we understood that we would not be able to fully replace the classic fitness bar with only a vending machine with drinks. It is necessary to have a wide range of products in addition to drinks.
We were sure that we would be able to find suitable snack machines that could be integrated with our vending machines.

But when we started choosing a partner and a slot machine, we realized that there was nothing suitable. And in general, everyone in this market is closed and does not want anything new.

We evaluated all the existing snack machines on the market and realized what we should be better at:

1) Design-stylish, modern and recognizable (glass, steel);
2) Product selection using a 10-inch touch screen;
3) The capacity is more than in analogues for 1 shelf (+ 8 SKU);
4) Energy efficiency according to the A+++standard;
5) Integration with club software (payment by bracelet, QR, etc.);
6) The ability to choose and pay through a mobile application;
7) Convenient software for assortment management;
8) Remote control online without any modules.
and many more constructive improvements for high reliability.