We are 3 years old

27 June 2021

Today, on 15.12.2020, our company turns 3 years old! 🎉 🎉 🎉
Even before the company was registered in 2014, we started in an underground garage, then moved to a car wash 🤦 ️ in 2017, we assembled the first ten vending machines in a small room where our friends sheltered us.

In 2018, we became a resident of the University Technopark and rented our first full-fledged office in 95 m2.
Now we have become a resident of Skolkovo, we have a large office and our own production.
During these three years, we have made a huge number of breakthroughs and the same number of mistakes 🙈
We have made many friends and partners in all corners of the world.
We thank all our customers, partners and competitors.
2020 was supposed to be the most powerful year for us, but 👑 made its own adjustments. Two major exhibitions in Germany and the USA were disrupted.
We used the lockdown time to the maximum. We put all our efforts into the development.
Now we understand that it was not in vain. Over the past six months, we have completely re-assembled the software of the machines, improved a million points and implemented a bunch of updates.
Our submachine guns are already among the most modern in the world and we have several more cannon updates that we keep secret until the release 😎

We are starting a new 2️ ⃣ 0️ ⃣ 2️ ⃣ 1️ ⃣ year with burning eyes, excitement and great energy 🚀
Happy New Year to all of you! Hurray! 💪 💪