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What is the service period of the machine?

Calculated service period of the machine – 10 years.

Are the machines safe?

The machine is completely safe.All parts that come into contact with the product have certificates.The plastic parts do not emit harmful substances and the tube is made of special food-grade silicone.

Is the online telemetry service paid?

All features of the service are free for the first three months.In addition,basic functions (sales and inventory management,assortment management) remain free,advanced functions (promotions and advertising management) cost 1000 rubles per month.

How much power does it use?

SHAKER Touch consumes 150 W/h. SHAKER S consumes 130 W/h.

How many flavors, drinks in the vending machine?

In SHAKER Touch in base configuration – 11 flavors (8 from powders, 3 from syrups)/in extended configuration in SHAKER Touch – 14 flavors (8 from powders, 6 from syrups), in SHAKER S – 7 flavors (4 from powders, 3 from syrups).

How many years have you been on the market?

Developments have been underway since 2014. The company was officially registered in December 2017. The first sales were opened in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Are there certificates for vending machines?

Vending machines comply with Russian standards and requirements.
Our machines have been successfully tested in a European accredited laboratory and meet CE and RoHS standards.

I have a fitness bar, why do I need a vending machine?

For the smooth operation of the fitness bar in the 24/7 mode, at least 3 employees are needed who will be sick, late, on vacation, etc.
The machine will be able to take over the morning, evening and night traffic, will unload the bar, will save customers time.
The bar can successfully sell food, coffee, smoothies, and the vending machine will make cocktails and drinks very quickly.
We have a successful experience with vending machines at the same time as the bar. Classic fitness bar services are used only
by 3% of customers, we have 3-4 times higher.

How quickly will the machine pay for itself?

Depending on many parameters, the payback of the SHAKER Touch is from 6 to 18 months. SHAKER S is a new machine. The estimated payback time is up to 6 months.

What is included in the basic package?

8 powder hoppers, 3 peristaltic pumps for syrups, glass dispensing unit, proximity sensor, submersible water pump, uninterruptible power supply.
Additional information: bill collector, acquiring terminal, online telemetry, cooler. For more information on current promotions and special offers, please e-mail

Is it possible to tune the recipe?

Yes,you can use the configurator to adjust the amount of water in ml, the amount of powder and the rotation time of the mixer.If you let us know in advance about filling your machine,we will make a preset in advance.

Can the machine be connected to the water supply system?

Yes,it can be.Filters can be mounted inside the Shaker Touch or outside the Shaker S.

How do you change your tastes?

Each vending machine comes pre-installed with a large database of brands and flavors, from which the assortment can be individually configured on the machine.

Is it possible to have an installation supervisor?

yes of course. We have many specialists all over the country who can help you get your machine up and running.This is a paid service,so please check the charges.

How do mixers wash? Is there an auto flushing system?

Thanks to a special mixing system, the mixer remains clean after each preparation. There is also an automatic flushing system. You can set automatic flushing several times a day.

How often should the machine be serviced?

It depends on the sales, but at least once every three days.

How often should I do Maintenance?

If the machine is serviced regularly according to regulations,no maintenance is required for the first two years.

Can the machine be set up remotely?

Yes. Thanks to the online telemetry service you can set prices, recipes, washing time, etc.

How is the vending machine serviced? How difficult?

The service of the machine should not take more than 15 minutes. There are detailed videos and printed instructions on how to operate the machine. We recommend purchasing replacement mixer sets to speed up the maintenance process. Any person can cope with this task, there is nothing complicated about it. Of course, you need some experience and skills.

How long does a full load last?

Shaker Touch is full of 500 servings + 300 to 600 syrup drinks.

Shaker S has plenty of 120 servings + 300 syrup drinks.

How many canisters of water can be placed in the vending machine?

The Shaker Touch vending machine can hold four standard 19 liter canisters.

Does the machine make drinks on milk or on water?

This machine can make drinks with both water and milk powder.

Where do you buy consumables?

You can buy from us at a special price or buy from our suppliers.

Which products can be used in machines?

Any powder or syrup(concentrate)sports nutrition product can be used.However,it should be taken into account that each product has its own characteristics.

Is there a product binding? Buy sports food only in SHAKER?

No, we do not oblige anyone to buy sports nutrition from us. We only give people the opportunity to purchase top brands at a special price, because we cooperate with manufacturers.

How do I connect the machine to the Internet?

The machine has the possibility of cable connection to the RJ-45 port, there is a Wi-Fi module and a 3G/4g modem with a SIM card port.

What to do if the machine breaks down?

If the machine breaks down – do not worry, we value our reputation and will always solve any breakdown and problem. For the beginning, read the instructions attentively and try to solve the problem yourself. If the problem cannot be solved, call us 8 800 333 63 26 (additional 2). If any spare part is out of order (the cause of the breakdown is not important), we will send it to you within 24 hours. You will send us the broken part, after carrying out diagnostics, we will identify the cause and issue an invoice if the case is not covered by the warranty.If necessary, a visit of a specialist is possible.

Is it worth to put a bill acceptor?

No,95% of our machine payments are non-cash.In addition to this, without a bill acceptor you can set the cost of your drinks without being tied up with multiple bills. Also,there is no need to collect the machine.

Which acquiring terminal to install?

We recommend the Vendista terminal for installation. This is the best solution in terms of price-quality ratio.

Does the machine support payment for bracelets?

Yes, we have integrated with various fitness club management programs. If you have a “homebrew” system or another system, we are ready to do the integration.

Will the acquiring terminal be factory installed?

Terminals can be pre-configured during production. However,it cannot be installed immediately on the machine as it may be damaged during transportation.Install is very easily within 5 minutes.

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